Being so heavily involved in the dance community, Ed and Sindy Schneider have seen first-hand how performing arts is an impactful experience for children. They learn of perseverance, dedication, teamwork, and many other qualities that cultivate growth and achievement in all aspects of life. Aspiration alone, however, is unfortunately not sufficient enough to help people succeed in performing arts. Costumes, tuition, and travel costs are just a few of the recurring expenses required to make dreams come true for talented individuals. With the pressure and demands success in performing arts brings, it is also very easy for artists to forgo education and mental healthcare. 
Mission 4 Movement is committed to the promotion and celebration of dance, and to supporting those underserved in the performing arts community through mentoring, opportunities, vital resources and education. Donating to our organization means supporting those who could otherwise not pursue their dreams; it represents your support in ensuring education for those in the performing arts; and it signifies your belief in making sure artists have access to mentoring and mental healthcare. Mission 4 Movement is determined to create guidance and support for talented individuals in the performing arts and, with your involvement, we are certain we will build a more connected, empowered, and successful community.